Sexual Dysfunction Treatment


So if you’re coming right from very Catholic Hispanic Puerto Rican family that at sixteen you were going to be a none, and you were in a seminar, you shouldn’t be talking about this here today. But I think we need to talk about it. You know it is important, it is very important. So back in the seventies at home nobody talked about sex. You can see anything on TV.  Now kids are more exposed to this things, so I think we need to start talking about these problems.

So how we treat sexual dysfunction? Basically it’s gonna be a lot of trial and error, and we need to do a lot of stuff. One of the things that might be helpful is just education, and this could be a sexual counselor, talking about sexual positions, talking about what other things you can do to fulfill intimacy. Medications, you have to review those medications like Sizepro, you can trying new pills and see if they can help with erectile dysfunction.

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You can also treat any systemic illness. If you have problems with cholesterol, diabetes those needed to be addressed. We need to make sure that you have the evaluation with your allergy, your Ob-GYN, hormones are okay; you don’t need any supplements of testosterone or any estrogen supplements.

Patients may need to use some sexual devices, maybe a vibrator, maybe something else that can help.

Eros is the first and only device or even medication (because there’s no drug approved for female sexual dysfunction) that is approved bu the FDA.  This is a little device, non-invasive, non-pharmacological, battery-powdered. It has three levels.  It has an area which places to the clitoris and causes a suction. It has low, medium and high-level.


This device when activated by the woman herself or her partner creates a gentle vacuum over the clitoris to increase blood flow to the genitalia. It improves vaginal lubrication, increases sensations and augments orgasmic ability.

It has been studied in patients with diabetes, and it has been studied in patients with radiation because of cervical cancer. So I think it might be a promising tool. I do believe patients with MS are going to be needing a higher power. I don’t think the low-level or mid-level is going to be enough. And this is just something that improves everything. It not only improves lubrication, engorgement of the area, it will also improve desire, orgasm, and sexual pleasure overall.

So I think if this works in MS patients, it is going to be a great device. It is not covered by insurance, and it costs about three hundred dollars.

Medication for Premature Ejaculation

There are medications that can help a lot with premature ejaculation problem.


There is a class of drugs specifically an antidepressant known as the SSRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They are classically used for depression, but they have this bizarre side-effect in delaying or retarding ejaculation substantially.

So these are medicines such as Paxil, Zoloft, Anafranil or Prozac. They can sometimes be used on a continuous basis or sometimes just used situationally. They really can help quite a bit. Side effects though can be decreased sex drive, sleepiness, insomnia times, mild nausea, yawning, dry mouth.

Personal, perhaps a little bit embarrassing anecdote. I am not a depressed person at all but during the winter I have a bit of seasonal affective disorder, and I decided one day to try one antidepressant pill. So I took a very small dose of Zoloft. It didn’t really affect me, but I understand that you need to take it on a more chronic basis. But in any case as far as sexual function, all I can say is that one evening that evening about 45  minutes into the act my wife was begging for me to get off her, screaming uncle “take my sister, do anything” that was the kind of profound effect that this had on the ability to ejaculate.

So these are very real possibilities in terms of improving ejaculation.


There is a medication in the pipeline that is not yet approved by the FDA that is a short-acting SSRI called Priligy, also known as the dapoxetine, and it has been available for years in Scandinavian, Northern Europe. It works well. I believe it is available in nine countries but just not yet in the United States.

Also in the future, there is going to be a metered dose aerosol spray of the light lidocaine-prilocaine cream. In the initial study, it improved the ejaculatory latency from  30 seconds to 2.6 minutes.

Finally sexual counseling. This can be psychological in issue there are times that it might be beneficial to seek the aid of a therapist who can help manage the problem with psychological counseling.

But in mist cases you just need to take pills to stop premature ejaculation temporary or permanently. It all depends on the nature of the product you take. Delay premature ejaculation pills is the product we have reviewed for the first time in august 2015. You can see this review here

Premature Ejaculation Sprays Review

Premature ejaculation is such an embarrassing affliction to have. Luckily it is not something that you should be worried about. Right now you can just use a particular type of spray in order to help you with your premature ejaculation problems. If you are confused regarding which products are the best, here are some guidance for you.

The Stud 100 Spray


Our first anti-premature ejaculation spray is named Stud 100, and it is highly useful for treating premature ejaculation. The most surprising quality of the Stud 100 is its pricing. You won’t get any others spray as cheap as this product. You can get one bottle of Stud 100 just by spending fifteen US dollars. Some guys have reported that this spray can be useful in delaying the ejaculation even though for only a couple of minutes. Despite so, it is still considered useful by many users.

Sadly this product does has its own downside especially in the effectivity of it all. As it is used to numb the penis, sometimes the spray can numb your penis way too much that you cannot feel any pleasure at all. Some people have also complained that the Stud 100 might not be useful at all. You should just try it yourself in case it actually works for you.

One of the most effective premature ejaculation pill is Semenax. This product is scientifically researched and clinically approved to improve ejaculation volume by 500% in 3 weeks. This formula contains natural and herbal components, herbal blends that work. Try to visit to get more information

Tauro Spray


Tauro spray is a lot different compared to the Stud 100 as it is an herbal remedy instead of wholly chemical. The spray is composed of natural ingredients that can be useful for male sexuality such as Ginko Biloba, Ginseng extract, and also chamomile extract among others. In order to purchase this, you have to pay around thirty-five dollars. It might be a lot more expensive, but so many people said that this is a lot more efficient in delaying premature ejaculation.

Since this is an herbal remedy, you know that this thing is safe for your body. The only negative side of this product is the requirement for it to work. You do need about half an hour worth of time to spray it before you go to your partner. Thus, you can’t use it in an immediate timing.

Adam & Eve Marathon


If you think that both of the previous products are way too expensive, this one will make you happy. One bottle of Adam & Even Marathon spray is just around thirteen dollar. The main ingredients inside the spray are benzocaine which is perfect for those who cannot use lidocaine. Plenty of positive reviews have said that this product is fast to give results. People state it can be effective around five up to fifteen minutes depending on the person.

Promescent delay spray


Now if you have an extra budget for your money, you should definitely buy this product. A bottle of Promescent delay spray is priced around seventy-five dollars which are way above the other three products. What’s amazing about this spray is that this can actually delay your premature ejaculation about five minutes which is plenty of sex. You just need to spray it in your penis around ten minutes before the intercourse, and you will be able to enjoy your sex without worrying about the spray. It does give you a little bit of a numb feeling. Despite so, it does not in any way reduce the pleasure of your intercourse.

What Is The Difference Between Male Enhancement Pills?


Are you having a discomfort about the size of your penis being it too small? Maybe you should get a Maxirex penis enlargement pills. And if you are looking for ones, here is a comparison between some of the best pills in the market to see the differences in each product.

Maxirex Pills for men


The first in our list of male enhancement pills is the Maxirex pills. This product is made out of chemical substance with folate and zinc as the primary ingredients in it. For a pack of thirty pills, you are charged with a price of fifty-nine dollars. It is an average pricing for a month worth of supply. What is offered by Maxirex is its ability to increase libido, the pleasure of orgasm, and also stamina. Despite claiming of not having a side effect, some customers have complained about developing dry nasal cavity and cold sweat at night. Read Maxirex review

Male Extra for Bigger Penis


Male extra is another male enhancement pills that you should give a try. Compared to the previous products, you have to take three pills a day. And for the ninety pills of the container, you are charged with sixty-five dollars. The primary ingredients used in this products are slightly more natural which is pomegranate and also L-arginine. In three to six months, the products seem to enlarge your penis for about two inches. As of now, there have been no side effects reported which make this pills a good purchase for everyone.

The Infamous Vimax Pills


You probably have heard about Vimax Pills before as it is one of the most famous pills out there. It is made out of entirely natural ingredients such as ginseng, cayenne pepper, and also Ginko Biloba among others. The pricing itself is rather average with fifty-nine dollars per thirty capsule packaging. This is one of the pills that are better for enhancing stamina rather than size. It also brings a sturdier erection and also increased libido. Unfortunately, you might develop some side effects while taking these pills. Some of the side effects include nausea, digestive issues, and also a headache.

Is It Safe To Use A Penis Pump?


Penis pump products are not difficult to find. Advertisements scattered in adult magazines, on the Internet, and radio programs with a broad range of products such as pills, pumps, weights, exercises, injections and even penis surgery that all claim to enlarge the manhood up to the maximum. But in fact, there is little scientific support for methods of non-surgical enlargement. And although some health organizations recommend surgery to enlarge the penis, the goal is more cosmetic than medical.

In fact, most of the techniques or therapies are widely advertised penis enlargement is not efficient and may even damage the penis. There are many stories in which a man must give up his penis and threatened impotence permanently inoperable due to failure to enlarge the penis size.

Below are penis pump products facts that readers need to know before you get stuck in advertisements seduction.

Having a large penis, of course, is luck. But enlarging the penis to satisfy your partner is ignorance because there is no relationship between the sizes of the penis with a partner’s sexual satisfaction. The large or small penis is just as good for him to get an erection hard and durable while making love.


Penis size is not connected with sexual satisfaction. Many ads that mention sexual satisfaction will increase because it has a larger size. In fact, the penis is too big more often painful couples and even complicate penetration occurs. Likewise, there is no more delicious orgasm and ejaculation bursts have not increased much since the penis larger. The level of sexual satisfaction associated with foreplay, sex drive, erection quality, and durability.

Penis size depends on many factors such as genetics and race. Size does not affect virility and ability to get offspring. There is no relationship between the lengths or in the short penis with the quality of sperm produced. Indonesia penis size is generally shorter than the men who came from Arab and European.

Medically, there is no cure or scientifically proven techniques that can enlarge the penis safely. There are several methods that actually provided by the medical such as surgery to the man who had a very small penis thus making it difficult to penetrate. But the methods of penis surgery still have dangerous side effects, in addition to expensive. Several methods of penile injections and vacuum justified are to improve the quality of erections in diabetics, and not to enlarge the penis.