What Is The Difference Between Male Enhancement Pills?


Are you having a discomfort about the size of your penis being it too small? Maybe you should get a male enhancement pills. And if you are looking for ones, here is a comparison between some of the best pills in the market to see the differences in each product.

Extenze Pills for men


The first in our list of male enhancement pills is the Extenze pills. This product is made out of chemical substance with folate and zinc as the primary ingredients in it. For a pack of thirty pills, you are charged with a price of fifty-nine dollars. It is an average pricing for a month worth of supply. What is offered by Extenze is its ability to increase libido, the pleasure of orgasm, and also stamina. Despite claiming of not having a side effect, some customers have complained about developing dry nasal cavity and cold sweat at night.

Male Extra for Bigger Penis


Male extra is another male enhancement pills that you should give a try. Compared to the previous products, you have to take three pills a day. And for the ninety pills of the container, you are charged with sixty-five dollars. The primary ingredients used in this products are slightly more natural which is pomegranate and also L-arginine. In three to six months, the products seem to enlarge your penis for about two inches. As of now, there have been no side effects reported which make this pills a good purchase for everyone.

The Infamous Vimax Pills


You probably have heard about Vimax Pills before as it is one of the most famous pills out there. It is made out of entirely natural ingredients such as ginseng, cayenne pepper, and also Ginko Biloba among others. The pricing itself is rather average with fifty-nine dollars per thirty capsule packaging. This is one of the pills that are better for enhancing stamina rather than size. It also brings a sturdier erection and also increased libido. Unfortunately, you might develop some side effects while taking these pills. Some of the side effects include nausea, digestive issues, and also a headache.

Is It Safe To Use A Penis Pump?


Penis pump products are not difficult to find. Advertisements scattered in adult magazines, on the Internet, and radio programs with a broad range of products such as pills, pumps, weights, exercises, injections and even penis surgery that all claim to enlarge the manhood up to the maximum. But in fact, there is little scientific support for methods of non-surgical enlargement. And although some health organizations recommend surgery to enlarge the penis, the goal is more cosmetic than medical.

In fact, most of the techniques or therapies are widely advertised penis enlargement is not efficient and may even damage the penis. There are many stories in which a man must give up his penis and threatened impotence permanently inoperable due to failure to enlarge the penis size.

Below are penis pump products facts that readers need to know before you get stuck in advertisements seduction.

Having a large penis, of course, is luck. But enlarging the penis to satisfy your partner is ignorance because there is no relationship between the sizes of the penis with a partner’s sexual satisfaction. The large or small penis is just as good for him to get an erection hard and durable while making love.


Penis size is not connected with sexual satisfaction. Many ads that mention sexual satisfaction will increase because it has a larger size. In fact, the penis is too big more often painful couples and even complicate penetration occurs. Likewise, there is no more delicious orgasm and ejaculation bursts have not increased much since the penis larger. The level of sexual satisfaction associated with foreplay, sex drive, erection quality, and durability.

Penis size depends on many factors such as genetics and race. Size does not affect virility and ability to get offspring. There is no relationship between the lengths or in the short penis with the quality of sperm produced. Indonesia penis size is generally shorter than the men who came from Arab and European.

Medically, there is no cure or scientifically proven techniques that can enlarge the penis safely. There are several methods that actually provided by the medical such as surgery to the man who had a very small penis thus making it difficult to penetrate. But the methods of penis surgery still have dangerous side effects, in addition to expensive. Several methods of penile injections and vacuum justified are to improve the quality of erections in diabetics, and not to enlarge the penis.