Growing Basil Indoors Easily and Successfully

Growing basil indoors is a good way of ensuring that you make the most of the herb in your culinary efforts. It adds a unique flavor such that rich Italian dishes are mostly known to adopt it, including a number of Asian cuisines as well.


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Here you will learn all about basil and how to grow basil on your own. We’ll be updating our “Basillion Tips Blog” regularly with related topics including growing it indoors and outdoors as well as care and maintenance. We’ll even sprinkle in some recipes and other ideas along the way.

If you would like to grow it without any problem, one thing you must make sure happens is that a number of factors are taken care of. This includes avoiding giving too much or too less temperature but only what is important and also making sure enough light for about six or eight hours is provided and it is not exceeded to make sure nothing happens to the herb.

On the other hand, soil is another important thing in the mix during the growth of basil indoors, or any other plant grown indoors or outdoors for that matter. Basil requires well drained and rich soil if it is to thrive. To start the plant, potting soil could be done but after it has started to sprout, the plant must be transformed to soil of a higher quality. Addition of gravel layers towards the bottom of the pot you are growing the plant helps in drainage if you are growing basil indoors. It is also important to make sure the pot has a number of holes for drainage around the bottom. Within the original soil, compost must come into use, while it must be occasionally added if the richness of the soil has to be maintained.

Factors to Growing Basil Indoors

Those who have learned the art of growing basil indoors and have harvested it understand how fresh basil adds an extra something in the flavor to the delight of many culinary creations. Basil works fine in most Italian dishes with a number of its variety already in use in a number of Southeast Asian delicacies. The growth of basil indoors is not hard but there are some things you must make sure do not happen as you practice growing them. One thing you need to remember is that basil is way too sensitive to bouts of cold. A common place where the herb is grown is around the windowsill and you must make sure that zero drafts emanate from such a window. 

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Harvesting Basil

Once you’ve started the growing basil process, harvesting is your chance to enjoy the fruits (or herbs) of your labor. When done properly, harvesting basil not only gets you the freshest basil possible, but promotes continuous growing. As a result, under great conditions and with regular maintenance, a basil plant can average ¼ – ½ cup yields per week. That being said, you can’t put all your herbs in one basket. If you only have a few basil plants, and a few struggle, you may find yourself with little useable basil. We recommend growing at least 2 plants at any given time. A staggered, planting schedule ensures you always have some on-hand for the growing season. To do this, simply plant more basil 2 weeks after the 1st crop is planted and repeat through the summer.

Why Growing Basil Indoors is Encouraged

Those who have been growing basil indoors understand how crucial the plant is in modern cuisine, mostly Italian and other Asian ones in need of a unique flavoring that only basil can offer. However, for most people, basil sounds like a new product that was developed yesterday while it has been there for ages. If you are to do justice to your basil growing project, you must understand the herb fully and make the most of it. This is way important since there are many things you must comprehend and take into account towards transforming the project in the best way possible.