I thought this a great way to grow basil in an all in one neat package. However, I followed the directions exactly. When I took the bag off and put in partial sun, the shoots went far up into the bag. Of course, because they want the light. At this time I tried to taper them off, but regardless....the plant died and won't grow.

Jimmy Walkins November 25, 2017

The brand is good. Basil is indispensable in cooking and as medicine. The seeds advertised are for the green basil. There is also a darker plant variety popular in Asia. According to Ayurveda, fresh basil juice is medicinal for fungal infections of the skin. It pungent quality opens up clogged nostrils and eases sore throat pain. It can be used in juice, tea, paste, or as fresh. It makes an appealing garnish with pleasant aroma.

Tom Walkins December 10, 2017

I snagged a basil plant off a cutting from a Bonnie plant i bought as a gift for a friend. Once it rooted, I set it outside as per the suggestions that this plant loves heat and full sun.

John Roy January 23, 2018

The plant was very distressed and leaned over away from the sun light. Once I brought it back inside, it perched straight up within an hour.

February 20, 2018